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Lacquerheads Pay $150 for ‘Unicorn Pee’ Nail Polish

Photo: Martin Poole/Getty Images

In today’s “Styles” section, the New York Times delves into the world of lacquerheads, nail polish fanatics who don’t care that nail art is dead. Unlike the Chanel Black Satin craze of 2005, they don’t even care about status brands: They’re only interested in the nail polish afterlife, paying up to hundreds of dollars on eBay to find discontinued polishes with unique colors that recall things like night skies and rainbows. Clarins 230, a bottle of “unicorn pee” (referring possibly to its elusiveness or because it looks like a “rainbow in a bottle”), sold on eBay recently for $150. Sure, the mani-cam can die — but only after we get a good look at what the hell unicorn pee nail polish actually looks like.

People Pay $150 for ‘Unicorn Pee’ Nail Polish