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Rachel Zoe Says People Are Afraid She Will Judge Them

Photo: Billy Farrell/ NYC

Being a celebrity stylist has many perks (fame, free clothes), but it can also make friends a little self-conscious. Or, so says Rachel Zoe: “People always meet me and say, Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me! because they are afraid I’ll judge them for what they’re wearing,” she told the Cut last night at the launch party for her new book, Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour.

The truth, she claims, is far from it: She says she barely even looks at what people are wearing when she’s not being paid for it. “The reality is I’m not! I’m not looking at what they’re wearing. I really don’t look like that when they’re not a client,” Zoe explained, adding: “When it’s a client relationship, of course I will say what looks better. I’ll say things like, Do me a favor and let’s try this and see what happens.”

Zoe’s husband, Rodger Berman, makes less of a distinction between time on and off the clock. “I’m her assistant,” he replied when we noted it was sweet of him to carry his wife’s purse. “It’s a job,” he continued. “Otherwise, I’m careerless.”

Rachel Zoe: People Are Afraid I’m Judging Them