Stella McCartney Only Wears Stella McCartney


In an interview with The Guardian, Stella McCartney described the complexities of her design process, which sound painstaking, thanks to her belief that psychology and clothes are totally intertwined — one misplaced button and who knows how she’ll feel that day. “Fashion is psychology, so there’s a whole holistic sense of self that I’m thinking about when I’m designing,” she said. She continued: If I wear a slouchy jean, that will affect my posture and my whole manner. What I’m projecting will be a reflection of that waistband, a detail you might not even notice.”

That explains why McCartney only wears her own designs. She explicated:

“I’m a head to toe-er. I don’t wear anything else. I wear my own lingerie, I wear Stella For Adidas socks. Some pieces are new and some are old — these jeans I’ve had for about five years, the shoes are brand new. But it’s all my stuff.” The only non-McCartney pieces she wears are the odd vintage piece from Linda, her late mother (“but not so much these days”) and wellies by Hunter, where [husband] Willis is creative director.

So if Stella’s psyche and trousers are one, would she develop a split personality if she dared to wear Marc Jacobs one day?

Stella McCartney Only Wears Stella McCartney