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Taylor Swift Fulfills the Lord & Taylor Pun, Without Lorde

Photo: AGNY EBAS/AKM Images/GSI Media

When Lorde and Taylor Swift inaugurated their friendship, they needed no new portmanteaus or duo nicknames. They were Lord(e) & Taylor, the oldest upscale department store for the newest starlet friendship. They were already one, in swooping cursive.

The department store was not — as some might think until Wikipedia tells them otherwise — founded by a dapper lord and his tailor (if tailor was spelled in some Olde Tyme–y fashion). Lord & Taylor was the product of two enterprising acquaintances, Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor, who united in their desire to sell hosiery and “elegant cashmere shawls.

So in celebration of entrepreneurial friends everywhere, Taylor Swift plodded through Lord & Taylor for some Monday morning shopping and pun fulfillment. Lorde, her close friend and other half, could not join her. Next time though, next time.

Taylor Swift Fulfills the Lord & Taylor Pun