we are all cat ladies now

Taylor Swift Ran Weekend Errands With Her Cat

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Over the weekend the New York Times declared the “cat lady” a chic thing. Do you own five cats? Great! You don’t have endure Grey Gardens references anymore, because cats are the “independent young person’s animal” and cat ownership is very on-trend right now. The article lists other glamorous members of the Kitten-Owner Tribe as proof, including Marnie on Girls, Emily Gould, and — because of course —  Taylor Swift.

But then, in the very same weekend cat ladies everywhere were giving their kitties extra catnip in celebration, Swift, their supposed patron saint, decided she needed to run some errands. With her cat. So she packed her cat, Meredith (Meredith), in a vented duffel bag and went to grab a Vanilla latte from Starbucks and, I don’t know, hit up the Container Store with Meredith (MEREDITH!) in tow.