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Tracy Anderson Talks About Cardio Like It’s Fate

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Human exercise DVD Tracy Anderson has a mind-bogglingly extensive Q&A on GOOP. I believe she’s talking about fate and the possibility for human agency, but also just mentioning that varied exercise is important as variety is the spice of life and consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. It’s a lot. So, in order not to overwhelm ourselves, let’s just focus on the first question. Rome was not built in a day, The Magic Mountain was not conquered in an hour, a marathon was not run during the time you took to read this.

Anyways, here’s a portion of Anderson’s first answer in GOOP’s “Spring Break Prep” post:

The body responds incredibly well to consistency with strategy: Start your child at golf at three, and there’s a good chance he’ll become an incredible golfer if he follows the rules. The same holds true for our fitness. Trend-hopping with workouts leaves little room for design or achievement. It’s not negative, and it’s a wonderful thing to move with passion, but it’s definitely a free bird approach. If you backpack your way through life, you’ll have many great experiences; if you go to medical school you will become a doctor. It’s obviously a question of values, but I believe the dedication and consistency involved with the latter is probably a better life-long strategy.

I wanted to create a cardio component that involved calorie burn, mental connection, focus, and coordination. My specific dance aerobics program is incredibly challenging on all levels, without stop and go—it allows you to penetrate enough to fight real problem areas and control weight. And perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t interfere with the design of the body because you’re not firing the same major muscles, again and again. It’s very difficult for people to learn to move their bodies well, as most of us disconnect in college and find it hard to get it back again. My dance aerobics takes time to learn as the brain must participate, but it really does forge an incredible mind/body connection.

In conclusion: Anderson’s dance aerobics class will fix you if you pursued higher education, including, but not limited to, college or medical school.

Tracy Anderson Talks About Cardio Like It’s Fate