Now You Can Trade the Clothes You Never Wear for a Nordstrom Gift Card

Photo: Reza Estakhrian/Getty Images

Here’s something you can do with all of the guilt-inducing clothes in your closet that you spent a lot of money on but never wear: trade them in for a Nordstrom gift card. Fashion Times reports that luxury clothing donation service Fashion Project just announced a partnership with Nordstrom whereby participants can earn a $40 gift card to the department store when they donate five items. To qualify, all donations must be one of Fashion Project’s preapproved (mostly designer) brands, exceed $50 in original retail, and be in new or excellent condition — so in strictly financial terms, it’s not really a great deal. But 55 percent of the proceeds from the resold items that you donate will go to a charity of your choice, plus you’ll get to clean out your closet and go shopping again. Which, all in all, does seem both fun and virtuous.

Trade Your Old Clothes for a Nordstrom Gift Card