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Under Armour’s Fancy New Sneaker Is Made of a Bra

Under Armour is a company that sells seriously tight shirts to be worn during serious workouts by serious-faced athletes. In a New Yorker feature on the company’s latest plays and inventions, Kelefa Sanneh correctly observes that the brand’s offerings are “essentially a macho synonym for lingerie.”

So perhaps it’s appropriate that Under Armour’s fancy new sneaker, the Speedform Apollo, is kind of secretly inspired by bras. Manufactured by a Chinese lingerie factory known for specializing in padded bras, the shoe is “stitchless and seamless, like the inside of a bra cup.” The macho approach to lingerie, indeed: Wrapping a brassiere around your feet for stomping, sweating, and dragging-through-the-mud purposes.

Under Armour’s Fancy New Sneaker Is a Bra-Shoe