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Watch Dan Stevens Smoke Weed and Cross-Dress in Rachel Comey

Last night a stylish crowd, including Parker Posey and designer Rachel Comey, gathered at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn for the screening of the 13th episode of the extremely entertaining web series High Maintenance. According to the writers and stars Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, the series is less about weed culture and, “ultimately, about loneliness.” Each episode opens a mini-window into the life of various pot-smokers, all connected by a sympathetic dealer (played with perfect comedic precision by Sinclair). In the latest episode, titled “Rachel,” Dan Stevens, a.k.a. Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey, portrays a stymied author and stay-at-home dad who passes his days dressing in his wife’s fabulous Rachel Comey wardrobe and smoking loads of pot. (Comey herself has a straight-faced cameo that got a good laugh in the screening room.)

Comey told the Cut that the collaboration came about because she “fan-emailed them only to discover the feelings were mutual. Several months passed and, voilà, Katja and Ben wrote me and my collection into an episode. Very thrilling!”

Thrilling indeed, but watch for yourself below:

Watch Dan Stevens Cross-Dress in Rachel Comey