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On the West Coast, Men Are Nearly As Vain As Women

Photo: dean bertoncelj / Shutterstock

Square, a mobile device-payment system used by tech-savvy boutiques and small businesses, compiled the prices of haircuts across the country. Presumably, extrapolating from their figures will give you some idea which city is the best groomed, the vainest, and the most faded and Skrillexed and banged and cropped and chopped. It turns out San Francisco beats New York, with the highest average prices ($60 to New York’s $55).

The chart also displays the gender pricing haircut disparity in different cities. And the West Coast — east of the Rocky Mountains, where the hair flows the other way — is more equitable than everywhere else! In New York, Chicago, and Dallas, women’s haircuts are about twice as expensive as dudes’. In San Francisco, they’re only 40 percent more expensive. Equality, vanity, haircuttery for all. 

West Coast Men Are Nearly As Vain As Women