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Peaches Geldof ‘Likely’ Died of a Heroin Overdose [Updated]

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/2014 Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Although the official hearing of the inquest is set for Thursday, according to an early report from the Times London, Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose. They also report that, “Ms. Geldof, 25, had become increasingly obsessed with the death of her mother, Paula Yates, from a heroin overdose in 2000.” The inquest follows an initial postmortem, which had inconclusive results. According to the Daily Mail, Kent police could not confirm or deny that the 25-year-old Geldof died of an overdose. A Kent police spokesperson said, “The inquest opens later today and that is all I can say.”

Update: CNN reports on Thursday the following statement from Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fotheringham in Kent: “There was recent use of heroin and that the levels identified were likely to have played a role in her death.” There is an ongoing police investigation into her death.

Peaches Geldof Died of Heroin Overdose [Updated]