Festival Dressing: Dress for the Band, Not the Spectacle


Here at the Cut, we love music — we have a track record of celebrating established talents as well as discovering and championing new ones. But when it comes to dressing for festival season, it’s all too easy to fall victim to the Coachella cliché. So instead of throwing on flower crowns and fringe, this season, we’re inspired by the music itself. We took on the challenge of translating the riffs, beats, and vocals from some of the major musical headliners into actual outfits.  The end result is a wide range of pieces that can inspire your own look this season — even if you aren’t packing for the Coachella desert or the mud at Glastonbury. Click through our slideshow to see looks inspired by just some of our favorite artists, from A$AP Rocky to Patti Smith (and then check out our Spotify playlists).

Dress for the Band, Not the Festival