Party Pics: Elton John, Liz Hurley, and More at the Hot Pink Party

Photo: Patrick McMullan

The Waldorf Astoria was tickled hot pink last night in honor of the annual Hot Pink Party, a gala to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Foundation — which originated the Pink Ribbon — was originally chaired and founded by the late Evelyn Lauder, who was the subject of many moving tributes throughout the night. Most of the event’s male guests, including Leonard Lauder (chair of the event) and Josh Groban, didn’t wear pink — but co-host Elizabeth Hurley happily filled the pink quota in a hot pink Versace Collection dress. Some guests like Vera Wang, though, just couldn’t cut it:

“I’m not normally a pink girl,” she told the Cut’s party reporter, Kylie Gilbert. “I’m black and gray … In honor of Evelyn, after she passed, I wore pink. But tonight I honestly couldn’t get pink together. That’s the honest truth. I’ll aim for it next year.”

After Sara Bareilles performed a very original-sounding version of “Yellow Brick Road,” Sir Elton John (who had been swarmed by fans at his dinner table) joined her onstage. “I’ve never heard someone sing one of my songs like that ever,” he told her. “You blew my mind with that version. It’s a hard song.” Then, the two performed “Gravity” together, while Hailee Steinfeld enthusiastically danced and recorded it on her iPhone.

All in all, the event apparently raised $5 million dollars for BCRF (including $75,000 pledged for a weekend trip to Leonard Lauder’s Aspen chalet during the live auction). Click through the slideshow to see guests Victor Cruz, Alina Cho, Steinfeld, and more.

Elton John, Liz Hurley & More at the Pink Party