Emma Stone Has a Secret Pinterest Board

Youth representative Emma Stone stayed up very late to girlsplain to Jimmy Fallon the purpose, benefits, and pitfalls of Pinterest. After the most dadly of dad jokes from Fallon (“I have no Pinterest in it at all”), Stone begins:

Pinterest is basically like a moodboard, online. You can look on different sections and you can build your dream life, basically. You’re like, “Oh, these clothes! I would wear all these clothes if I could. This is what my house would look like.”

They’re just pictures that you pin, like you’re pinning them to a corkboard, but you’re pinning them to an internet website and your life is sad, because it doesn’t look like that.

Fallon wants to see! Not possible, says Stone:

My Pinterest is secret because I would be humiliated if anyone were to see how many inspirational quotes I have. I got a lot of, “Just pick yourself up by the bootstraps.”

With such an obvious discrepancy between one’s secret Pinterest dream and one’s actual environment, one must use the Pinterest to cheer oneself up. It’s the vicious Pinterest cycle, and Stone will be lecturing on it next week. Everyone remember to do the reading.

Emma Stone Has a Secret Pinterest Board