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F/M/K Friday: Prince George, Kate Mara, and Mara Wilson

Photo: Getty Images

This week’s F/M/K consensus: Fuck Kate Mara, for her innovative foreplay and astounding ability to keep a straight face: She confessed to Playboy this week that she filmed House of Cards sex scenes while wearing pasties with Kevin Spacey’s face on them. Marry the wombat-obsessed star of the royal Oceania tour, Prince George, before someone else does: 11-month old Ruby Cate Blitz wore a T-shirt and tutu with the words “Marry Me George” at the Royal Family’s Wellington visit, to Prince William’s visible enthusiasm. (He apparently called the toddler “absolutely beautiful.”) And kill Mara Wilson, now all grown-up, for being a pretty insufferable spoilsport about the otherwise exciting Mrs. Doubtfire 2 reports.

F/M/K Friday: Prince George and 2 Maras