Heather Graham Wants a Great Orgasm Story

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

For the final season of Californication, Heather Graham has been cast as what the script calls “a ridiculous fucking MILF” she tells Esquire.com. Sexist? Yeah, but as Graham puts it, this is a show built around a “guy’s fantasy.” Well, what about women?

Don’t worry: Roller Girl is going to change the Hollywood landscape with the screenplay she’s working on, which finally explores sex from “a female point of view” and reveals  how “women get off”:

But specifically women who like having sex. I don’t see anything in film about women who want to have sex. I don’t see myself and my friends represented. When do you ever get to see a movie from the point of view of a woman who’s more interested in having really great orgasms than finding a husband? I would say almost never.

Graham reports using an interesting book titled Extended Massive Orgasm as research, which could easily serve as the working title of her screenplay.

Heather Graham Wants a Great Orgasm Story