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Here’s a Gawky Video of Prince William and Kate Middleton DJing

Here lies a fully awkward video of Prince William and Kate Middleton DJing. Is this what you wanted? Well, it’s what you’ve got, because Australia is trying its gosh-darndest to make the royal couple cool before sending them on their merry way back to England.

The Daily Mail reports that the past day or so of royal travels have been a training montage of youthful high jinks. The couple visited the suburban young people outside Elizabeth, Australia. There, William tried his hand at graffiti — with a face mask on, naturally. He also received a skateboard made for tiny son Prince George — which he declined to test-drive, naturally. And he mistakenly divulged his taste in music, which is adorably basic bro:

I like house music; I still like a bit of rock and roll and the classics and a bit of R and B … I’m not a big heavy metal fan. I’d like to be but I’m not.

For the final challenge to determine whether they can earn their merit badge of Australian cool, they both tried to DJ. It was a mixed bag.

Did the couple emerge changed from these exploits? Well, The Daily Mail interviewed an 87-year-old Australian, who quoted Middleton as telling her: “‘It’s a lot warmer here than it is in England.’” Back to talking about the weather. Bless their hearts.

Here’s a Video of William, Kate Middleton DJing