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J.Crew Resurrected a Swimsuit Because We Begged Them To

“Dear Ms. Lyons & Co.,” began Jenni Avins’s open letter to the J.Crew creative director last year. The Cut contributor was politely requesting that J.Crew take its scoop-back tank swimsuit out of the archives. “Simple, sexy, and sporty … with straight, tank-top-style shoulder straps that swoop like the letter U,” the maillot fit better than any Avins could find. Jenna Lyons swiftly responded, promising to look into the matter and “keep you posted as to when it will arrive.”

In a full-page ad in this week’s issue, Lyons responded with a handwritten missive. “Dear Ms. Avins,” she wrote, “your wish is my command … within reason. XO Jenna.”

Can this be a thing now? While we’re making requests of designers: Dear Ms. Prada & Co., we’d love the pleated lip-print skirt from spring 2000 to come back, thanks!

J.Crew Resurrected a Swimsuit Because We Begged