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Jenna Lyons on the Difference Between NYC and LA

Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Binaries like East Coast versus West Coast (pick a side now — you have to!) are ridiculous, and asking people to choose usually has an itchy vibe and results in watching those asked juggle lots of pros and cons in their heads. But sure, why not, I like hearing interesting people make choices they don’t actually have to.

When asked about New York versus L.A. style by The Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Lyons answered:  

I grew up in California, Los Angeles actually. I did own a wool coat, I did not own a wool sweater until I moved to New York. I think people here love glamour, but they also like individualistic glamour — I think in L.A., there’s definitely a little more of a traditional way that people look. I was not blonde, I did not have a bathing suit body, and I always felt a little out of place. I think here, it’s a little easier to be who you are.

Life without the warm fuzziness of wool sweaters? Goodness, you have it rough over there, SoCal.

Jenna Lyons on the Difference Between NYC and LA