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Jennifer Lawrence Got So Drunk and Vomited at an Oscar After-Party

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence continues her campaign for America’s Coolest Best Gal Friend, this time filling the role of hot mess BFF who is fun to booze with until you have to clean up her puke at the end of the night. According to Us Weekly, in an upcoming episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers (set to air May 21,) the actress recounts how she got so drunk at an Oscar after-party that she not only threw up on the stairs at Madonna’s party, but elicited a “Get it together, girl” from black-belt partier Miley Cyrus. (You know it’s a bad night when Miley gets to ride the high horse.)

But really, it must have been hard to distinguish wastey-faced J.Law from regular ol’ J.Law, since her signature “drunk-baby” red-carpet act also includes uncontrollably weird facial expressions, lots of tripping, and frequent requests for food with high-fat content.

Jennifer Lawrence Vomited at an Oscar Party