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Johnny Depp Explains His Sparkly Engagement Ring

Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS Broadcasting Inc.

When he announced his engagement to Amber Heard by sporting a sparkly engagement ring, Johnny Depp seemed to be both subverting gender roles and announcing happy life news — two birds, one giant rock!

Well, maybe not. Last night, the actor talked matrimonial jewels on Letterman. In a stereotypical clueless-dude move, he didn’t get Heard’s ring size: “It was too big for my girl,” he explained.

But this is a man who favors the accessories of a dandy pirate — so he kept the reject ring for his own use. “I put it on,” he said. “She has the other one that fits. I think people are scared to comment. ‘Why? Why is a grown man wearing a woman’s engagement ring?’ Because it fit.”

Photo: Getty Images
Johnny Depp Explains His Sparkly Engagement Ring