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Lady Gaga Meditates by Taping Her Face

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

People who practice mindful meditation often center themselves through the repetition of a phrase. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, centers herself through an alternative practice of her own. SFGate.com reports that Lady Gaga told Porter Magazine:

When I have my wig cap on and I’m taping my face, it’s a sort of meditation for me. Every day, it starts the same way. It’s like a mantra.

Who would you be if you didn’t have limiting belief, Gaga? Continue to walk us through your practice.

I wash my face, I pin my hair back and put on a wig cap and I ask, ‘How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?

Lady Gaga, well versed in the art of the non-surgical face-lift — long practiced by drag queens, Norma Desmond, and Cher. Whatever helps you attain a state of altered consciousness, Gaga.

Lady Gaga Meditates by Taping Her Face