Lindsay Lohan Is Really Trying to Make ‘Quiche’ Happen

Photo: Ray Tamarra/WireImage

Lindsay Lohan has some new slang, and she is trying her gosh darnedest to bring it to your attention. She’s going to make quiche happen. Yesterday, she posted her umpteenth social-media post in which she employs her favorite new descriptor.

Quiche — like the baked-egg pastry dish, which seems as if it belongs neither at breakfast, nor lunch, nor dinner? Quiche — a sound that is hissed at either end and somehow gooey in the middle? Quichea central element in a 1980s satire of masculinity?

Yes, that quiche. And, sure, yes, quiche is all those things, but Lindsay Lohan is specifically quoting the “quiche” of Chris Lilley’s Private School Girl: a caricature of high-school social dynamics in the vein of Mean Girls. Quiche is the protagonist’s word for everything cool/hot/valuable. It’s fetch.  

After professing her love for Private School Girl, Lohan has claimed quiche as her favorite hashtag. Sometimes she uses it solo; sometimes she applies it to a period of time (#quicheday), or a specific item (#quichepurse), or an industry (#fashionquiche), or a friend (#sophiesoquiche), or even a whole neighborhood (#sohosoquiche). Sometimes, Lohan even admits that she is #soUNquiche!!! but usually, everything in LiLo’s life is just peachy keen and #soquiche.

Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Make ‘Quiche’ Happen