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Male Gaze: Andrew Garfield, IRL Spider-Man Impersonator

On- and offscreen couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been making the rounds to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for a few weeks now, and the publicity tour has included numerable highlights: They played an (admittedly tame) game of “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen and called Ryan Gosling “perfect,” and Garfield talked about a former gig playing air guitar on a Spanish Doritos commercial on British radio. Yesterday, in London, Garfield made his most charming appearance yet and joined in on recess with the local charity Kids City wearing his head-to-toe spandex Spider-Man costume. Demonstrating impressive Spidey-like agility, Garfield played basketball, ate pizza, and did a lot of finger-pointing and head-patting.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Male Gaze: Andrew Garfield, IRL Spider-Man