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The Many Kinds of Man-Buns a Man Can Have

Much to my personal delight, it appears the man-bun is alive and well and going strong in New York. Behold, a photo essay depicting the man-bun in its natural urban environment, courtesy of the Awl. Another chance to wax erotic about the sudden influx of men who fearlessly tie back their flowing locks? Yes, please.

What these photos reveal is that not only are men embracing the new style, but there are as many different types of male topknots as there are hair elastics in a pack of Goody hair bands: the “I enjoy motorcycles and leather,” the “I enjoy empty pickup lines and meaningless sex,” the “I enjoy tears and dolphins,” the “I enjoy bespoke suits and limited-edition sneakers,” the “I enjoy barefoot dancing at Burning Man.” Who knew the topknot would be so popular and versatile?

Well, the New York Times, actually. In 2012 they predicted the coming of the man-bun and topknot, and crowned Olivier Theyskens as poster child for the movement. We scoffed then, but every now and again the paper of record gets it right.

Check out the Awl’s photos here, and prepare for a hairy summer of man-buns — until they go the way of the beard, that is.

The Many Kinds of Man-Buns a Man Can Have