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Marina Abramovic: Not That Impressed With the Kimye Cover

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images

Last week we brought you the breaking news that Marina Abramovic was the last person on Earth who had yet to see the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover — the cover that has prompted threats of subscription cancellations and a not-impressed response from Barbara Walters. Well, I ran into the performance artist last night at a launch party for the New York Observer’s redesign at Casa Lever, and she confessed to checking out the cover right after her interview with the Cut. Her take: also not that impressed. “It is just the wedding image,” she said. And she thinks we’re all being a bit silly for talking about it so much.

“To me, I don’t know. There’s so much more important issues to discuss in the world than cover of the magazine. It’s the same to me when Janet Joplin [Editor’s note: she means Jackson] showed the nipple on television in the middle of the Iraq War, which was more important issue to discuss. So it was just a way to take attention from the real stuff. That’s kind of sad. Who cares about that?” I explained that plenty of people, fashion and high society snobs in particular, do seem to care because they think Kim Kardashian is too vulgar, or something, for Vogue. Abramovic seemed perplexed, and amused. “Who made these rules?”  she asked. “Why are we making these rules in the first place? The rules are there to be broken, at least in my case.”

Marina Abramovic Not Impressed With Kimye Cover