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Martha Stewart Couldn’t Care Less About the Lime Shortage

Photo: Egor Rodynchenko/Shutterstock

Due to one of the crummiest winters on record and damaged crops, we’re in the midst of a lime shortage and prices are skyrocketing. Bars are facing a Cinco de Mayo without juicy limes for tequila shots or margaritas garnishes almost as if we’re back in Civil War time, hoarding limes in our desk for bartering like Amy in Little Women. But, according to a recent photo posted on Instagram, Martha Stewart is just over there in her well-organized tower, artfully juicing dozens of limes like they aren’t $100 per crate.

Maybe it was her time spent making macramé in prison, but come hell, high water, or cartel involvement, Martha, OG Doyenne of DGAF, will serve delicious homemade sour mix at her Cinco de Mayo celebrations — even as the rest of us face a bleak future of salt, tequila, and no chaser.

Martha Stewart Doesn’t Care About Lime Shortage