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Michelle Obama Uses Mom Dancing As a Parenting Tool

Photo: Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

In an Easter interview with the Michael Strahan half of Live With Kelly and Michael, our nation’s premier mom dancer, Michelle Obama, explains that mom-dancing can be used for good, evil, and leverage with grumpy teens:

Barack and I are like any parents — we love to embarrass them. We’re like: I’m going to dance. If they look a little uninvolved in an event, I’ll just lean over and be like, If you don’t smile, I’m going to start dancing. I’m gonna start dancing. [Daughter responses:] No Mom please whatever you do, just don’t move! And Barack is like, I’m gonna sing! I’m gonna start singing. Here I go, here I go!

A hearty cheer for this parental feat: not only lightly embarrassing offspring, but turning the fact of embarrassment into a delightful anecdote! And the swooping sonic wave of mooOOooOmmm echos across the nation.

Michelle Obama: Mom Dancing As a Parenting Tool