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Miley Cyrus Did Some Virus-Induced Impulse Shopping

Photo: Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus was ill in the hospital last week. Rather than putting on a brave face, she took on the personality of the crying-cat emoji. She has since emerged from her convalescence and realized that in her flu-induced torpor, she embarked on an online shopping spree. As she told Ryan Seacrest, the man who asks about these things:

I was just crying because I was so bored! I ended up doing way too much online shopping. Whatever they had me on to make me not in pain I made some very questionable choices on what I bought. I’m like, I do not know what this hot pink miniskirt is that I bought in the hospital.

To note, clothes bought during a fever dream sounds not dissimilar from Miley’s general aesthetic.

Miley Cyrus’s Virus-Induced Impulse Shopping