april is the cruelest month

Perhaps April Will Not Be the Worst Month Ever?

We recently shared Susan Miller’s warning that April would be “so scary,” with its “angry eclipses” and “monster moons.” Today David Scoroposki, the Cut’s resident astrologer, offers a dissenting viewpoint. 

Astrology is not a vehicle for fear but rather a useful tool — a way to grasp the workings of the universe and use them to our advantage. Binary oppositions, such as good and bad, are fruitless. The planets (as well as the signs of the zodiac) are quite versatile, and neither completely benevolent nor evil. The ancients understood this; the clever will utilize these potencies to make dreams come true. Dare to think magically instead of fearfully and your future will remain in balance.

The skies are ablaze throughout April, as the planets align with an intensity that signifies profound change. Insurrection is possible. We are dealt two eclipses and a rare aspect known as a Grand Cardinal Cross involving ground-breaking Uranus, (the planet that smells like farts, according to a study), an exalted Jupiter in sensitive Cancer (which increases the influence of this aspect since Jupiter is the great expander), along with Pluto, the planet of rebirth and resurrection. But please don’t panic. There are bound to be adjustments, so embrace them. Change is necessary and quite exciting, as long as you keep an open mind.

Eclipses and unusual geometrical aspects between planets (such as this Cardinal Grand Cross) are the perfect opportunity to finally break habits, rid yourself of unwanted patterns, and banish unhealthy people or modes of behavior. There are often sudden global or political changes; and on a personal level, you may finally receive news at work or discover a secret that’s been hidden from view. It could be a blessing in disguise. Venus’s exaltation, along with Jupiter’s, provides tranquility and even great joy amid the many strange and possibly complicated aspects occurring later this month, which is fortuitous indeed.

We have no choice but to face the future. So we should so bravely, without nightmares of “monster moons” and such sensationalized nonsense. To pander to an uninformed audience and play the role of a “psychic” parody is not constructive. Astrologers must deliver advice with conviction, care, and sensitivity — scaring people is only useful if lives are truly in danger.

Only a fool would begin this month with fear in his heart. Be prepared, calm, and optimistic; my prediction is that you will live through April.

Perhaps April Will Not Be the Worst Month Ever?