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Prince George Attends Extremely Formal Playdate

Photo: James Whatling/Getty Images

Earlier today in New Zealand, the baby prince of England attended what was, unbeknownst to him, the playdate of the year. Baby George reportedly rubbed teeny shoulders with ten babies on New Zealand’s elite-tot scene. Each of these tiny, likely preverbal socialites had been born “within a fortnight” of small-person George: They had so much in common, these wee waddlers. So much to discuss regarding the month of July or potentially August, possible overlap in rising signs, etc.

The infant extravaganza was hosted at an exclusive baby-party-wonder-palace — the Government House of New Zealand, in the Blundell Drawing Room.

Partygoers report that there was even a lavish toy pile in the center of the room, so kids could really lose their minds to the carousal of decadence and fun. All the parents reportedly sat in a circle on the carpet. George, consummately stylish merrymaker, wore “Sailboat” dungarees and soft shoes as well as socks.

Photo: Pool/2014 Getty Images
Prince George Attends Extremely Formal Playdate