Science Has Found 15 New Emotions

Previous research has suggested that there are six basic human emotions (happy, sad, fearful, angry, disgusted, and surprised). Then last month, another study knocked that number down to four. But an even newer study has identified 15 new emotions that humans can feel (and 15 more reasons to order a feelings pizza).

These emotions, labeled “compound emotions,” are combinations of the six basic ones, according to an Ohio State University paper published in PNAS. The researchers liken it to mixing paints: mix red and blue, and you get angrily sad (or purple).

Photo: Kyle Ellis/CNN

Why be surprised when you can be disgustedly surprised? Why be something as basic as happy when you are capable of being happily disgusted? If anyone can think of a scenario where that face is appropriate, please let us know.

Science Has Found 15 New Emotions