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Senate Republicans Unite Against Equal Pay for Women

Photo: SHAWN THEW/Corbis

Senate Republicans did not accept President Obama’s double dog dare to prove they care about women being paid the same as men. Instead, they banded together to sink the Paycheck Fairness Act before they would have to debate it, Politico reports. Debating the bill would have entailed explaining why workers of any gender wouldn’t benefit from “being allowed to compare salaries without threat of employer retaliation, requiring companies to explain pay disparities and permitting those discriminated against to seek monetary damages,” and they can’t risk the bad publicity.

“We see this for what it is and it’s just another attempt by Democrats to distract from what is a very bad record when it comes to helping women in the economy,” said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). “That’s what this is all about, them trying to get a headline.”

As for why women, as opposed to midterm-facing senators, should be against the bill, see any of the many female critics put forth by Koch-brothers-funded conservative think tanks this week.

In other gender pay gap news, Vox finds it “very very real.”

Senate Republicans Unite Against Equal Pay