Frat Bros in Lingerie Eat Dog Treats: Friday Night at a UConn Sorority

University of Connecticut suspended the Delta Zeta sorority for allegedly hazing fraternity bros.  

Whatever did they do? you might wonder, you innocent moon-calf, you. Let’s take a look at this carefully worded formal-suspension letter from the associate director of community standards at the university:

The incident is described as the following: members of Delta Zeta allegedly forcing men involved with a fraternity to consume alcohol, to eat dog treats, to paint their bodies, to wear women’s thong underwear and to take shots of alcohol off each other’s bodies, among other things.

“Among other things”!? Other things that were less fit for a formal-suspension letter than consuming dog treats while wearing thongs? Holding our collective breath until chapter two.

Sorority Gets Bros to Eat Dog Treats in Lingerie