Stella McCartney on Disney Villains and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Frank Connor/?Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Disney villains are, more often than not, often chicer than heroines. (Think Cruella de Vil in her dalmatian coat, or Gaston in Beauty and the Beast pioneering the leggings-tucked-into-boots look.) Now, with Angelina Jolie assuming the role of Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis, Maleficent, the character’s fashion stock is sure to rise. It doesn’t hurt that Stella McCartney has designed a capsule collection, out today, of children’s clothing inspired by the fairy-tale film.

The collaboration started when Jolie invited McCartney and her brood to visit the U.K. set of the film. “Angelina was in full character when we saw her on set and it was just brilliant,” McCartney told the Cut by email. “The kids were pretty terrified.” The designer, who describes herself as a “huge fan” of all things Disney, then met with costume designer Anna B. Sheppard and consulted her mood boards to develop the collection.

“There is a darkness to Maleficent which can be really scary but at the same time visually brilliant,” McCartney said. But her first childhood scare came courtesy of another Disney villain: “My favorite Disney film was Snow White. I remember growing up watching [it] and being completely freaked out by that scene where the evil queen becomes the old witch and she makes the poison apple.”

The collection — which features charming costume-party-ready looks like a Maleficent headpiece and a pint-size version of Aurora’s princess dress retails for $70 to $185, and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to children’s charity SOS Children’s Villages; you can buy it at McCartney stores and on her site as well as at Disney stores worldwide. Click through the slideshow below to see all of the pieces.

Stella McCartney on Angelina, Disney Witches