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Study: Facebook Continues to Make People Sad

Photo: pojoslaw/Getty Images

Recent studies in the field of Facebook science have revealed that the site diminishes our quality of life. Constantly staring at the lives of others via news feed, in fact, has more than one negative consequence: It can lead to an acute and crushing case of FOMO, a general case of the sads, or, as a recent study finds, poor body image.

After surveying 900 college-age women about their Facebook usage, fitness habits, eating habits, and body attitudes, researchers from Ohio State University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Strathclyde were able to predict how often women felt bad about their own bodies or compared themselves to their friends. The study confirms what you might’ve already suspected: Staring at pictures of your friends and Facebook stalk-ees turns the photos into instruments of self-inflicted body shame.

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Study: Facebook Continues to Make People Sad