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Teenagers Are Now Using Tinder

Photo: Tinder; Shutterstock

Vox has a helpful seven-point explainer decoding Tinder for the olds. But even readers who thought they had a pretty good handle on the app already will find news here to surprise and distress them: namely, the prevalence of teens on Tinder.

More than 7 percent of Tinder’s users are 1317, which means they slightly outnumber the 35 to 44-year-olds, who make up 6.5 percent of Tinder’s users.

Is it possible that teens aren’t using the app for actual hook-ups but are merely sniffing out their Tinder-using teachers for sad-shaming? Could they have mistaken Tinder for an addictive new game like Candy Crush Saga?

We can hope. But also, let’s be honest, it’s probably just as hard for teens to meet fellow humans who quote Jaden Smith Twitter poetry and appreciate athleisure wear.

Teenagers Are Now Using Tinder