weed week

Watch: The Cut’s Supercut of the Best Pot-Smoking Ladies Ever on Film

Let’s stop pretending that Cheech and Chong still deserve the crown of weed culture references, because pop culture is full of women taking bong rips big enough to make Snoop Lion look like Snoop Kitten. And guess what, none of them have dreads or listen to Phish. In honor of Weed Week — the Cut’s countdown to 4/20 — let’s burn one down in solidarity for the beach babes, beatnik rebels, grandmas, and bored suburban socialites who proudly toke in classics like Reefer Madness, Breakfast Club, Dazed and Confused, Smiley Face, and more. Prepare for the holiday with this supercut of women who love the d. (Dank weed, that is).

Watch the Best Pot-Smoking Ladies Ever on Film