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Which 1 of These Chicks Is in It for the Money?

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Back in a movie version of the 1920s, spotting a gold digger was so easy — what with her mink and her diamonds a-dripping, her lashes a-batting, and her cigarette in need of lighting.

But now, such a cash seeker could be poured into some yoga pants, holding some sort of juice beverage. Of course, one lady promises she “can smell a gold digger from a mile away.” Janis Spindel — the expert matchmaker with literal binders full of women and men who pay her $100,000 for her services — has five tricks for you moneyed men (and women!) to suss out the 21st-century gold diggers.

As simplified from the New York Post article on six eligible women who may or may not be gold diggers:

1. The lady is set on dating a rich dude and wants to know exactly how rich he is.

2. She doesn’t have a job.

3. “She complains about Spindel’s fee of $1,000 for a one-on-one meeting.”

4. She makes a demand, such as: “I must date a man with a plane.”

5. She ask a question, such as: How many homes does that man have?

Really these are tips for anyone who doesn’t want to date a materialistic poo-pile of a person. The Post also includes a little game where you can guess which women admit to being gold diggers. I was about one for six, so there we are.

Which of These Chicks Is in It for the Money?