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Study: Why Bother Dieting Unless You’re Exactly 32?

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The latest in dubious diet studies has come forth to isolate the age that is most effective for humans who would like to diet: that age is 32. The results come from 1,000 dieters, surveyed by a supplement company called Forza, who are perhaps limiting their market with this (demoralizing?) research.

But back to the good-diet year. A perfect storm of diet-friendly things happen at age 32 — one has left the wild parties of one’s 20s, when diets were broken like hearts, but one has not yet given up on one’s appearance (to “embrace middle age“) as will be the case in one’s 40s or 50s. Plus, almost half of the people surveyed said that diets were easier after marriage, and just over half said that having a first child jump-starts diets. Most importantly, the anxiety of simply turning 30 is a big factor in dieting. Eighty-two percent cited this birthday as a helpful diet motivator.

In conclusion: Lives evolve, and if you’re between the ages of just-born to 31, or 33 to infinity, why bother dieting at all?

Why Bother Dieting Unless You’re Exactly 32?