Alexa Chung, Calvin Klein, and Vibrant Student Designs at FIT Show

Photo: Mike Pont/Getty Images

“You study fashion; I just studied Jane Birkin and hoped for the best,” host Alexa Chung quipped to an audience of graduating FIT students last night. With Calvin Klein and Francisco Costa in the front row (Calvin Klein Inc. was the show’s sponsor), the students presented looks ranging from the bordering-on-normcore (Stephanie Marchese’s white crop top and pants) to the outré (Grace Cox’s fantastically fluoro knits.) Other standouts included Peter Do’s minimalist coat, neon lace and knit combos from Sarah Angel, and a gold-dipped pleated skirt shown by Sarah Conlon. Chung appeared to be shopping from the front row; as she concluded her hosting duties, she joked “Please remember, when I come begging to borrow some dresses, that I did you this favor.”

Post-show, Chung joked about her favorite look of the night, from the childrenswear section: “One of the kids had a really amazing pair of clogs on. They were brilliant.” When asked what she thinks the “future of fashion” is, she replied: “We’re going to have to figure out how to make sustainable clothes attractive. Maybe the payoff is that we’re going to have to say goodbye to cheap fast fashion, really investing in things you can wear time and time again. Vivienne Westwood had that manifesto, which I think was amazing.” The countdown to Chung’s “solidarity, sister” head-shaving starts here.

Alexa Chung, Calvin Klein, and More at FIT