Astrology for the Week of May 27, 2014

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There is a new moon in Gemini, the sign of the twins, on Wednesday the 28th. The sun, moon, and Mercury — all within the realm of Castor and Pollux — create a favorable influx for success. Communications will be active, but beliefs could change on a whim. The twins are chatty. Keep in mind that all talk, no action will lead nowhere.

On the night of this new moon, Venus enters Taurus, where she will reign at her most comfortable. She rules love, relationships, and all animal friendships, especially while in the sign of Taurus, the sacred bull. Enjoy the outdoors, tend to your garden, and celebrate camaraderie while Venus basks in the sign of bounty. Mercury and Venus interact brilliantly at this new moon in Gemini, and it is a fortuitous time for reflection, planting seeds (literally and figuratively), and for fresh starts in general. Cash flow may also improve.

The next day, Thursday the 29th, Mercury dives into cryptic Cancer, the sign of the reclusive crab. Over the next few weeks, aim to entertain at home rather than to go out to a bar or restaurant. Also attend dinner parties or cocktails soirées chez amis.

Cancer is the most home-oriented of the signs, and while Mercury swims with the snappy crustacean, people are interested in talking about sensitive issues, perhaps home-related. Mercury being in secretive Cancer can help with good things — but also theft, fraud, and craftiness. Take the best, and leave the rest. Although it may be easy to fool people now, others are able to pull the wool over your eyes just as easily. Beware the two faces of Gemini and avoid crabbiness this week. Instead, enjoy the pleasures of Venus and find your garden of earthly delights.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

The new moon occurs in your sector of communications and business transactions, so have confidence when you represent yourself to superiors this week. As Venus enters her natural home of money in your sector of assets, things could not be better financially. If you have been looking to invest in a home or to refurbish your current place, now is the time to do so.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

This is a terrific time for Taurus: Your ruler Venus takes up leisurely residence in your sign. It’s time for you to do the same, and reap the rewards of your well-deserved efforts. Wednesday’s new moon is superb to partner up with a sibling (or with someone you met via electronic communication) to collaborate on a new business venture. The heavens smile upon such endeavors now. Also, take advantage of Venus’s finesse: A beauty risk may be worth taking while you have her help.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

The new moon is in your sign this week, and ideas will yield splendid results if you remain focused. This can be a challenge for you, Gemini, so write things down or record your ideas. Your mind is usually racing: Often you think up useful concepts that get lost in the shuffle. Keeping a journal, drawing, or painting are all constructive ways to channel nervous energy into something worthwhile.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Celebrate friendships now and socialize with the outside world. It’s best to be out of your home as much as possible in order to lighten your mood and to take your mind off of stress. Look to friends and groups of people who act as support systems for you. Things will settle down, but it is always a good thing for Cancer to crawl out from under his rock and explore — he may find something worth clawing at.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Now is a fortuitous time to appeal to a superior about a raise or to boost your income. With Venus in your tenth house of fame and honors, you have the blessings of the planet of love … and cash! You also have the ability to make many long-lasting friendships now, and grow closer to siblings. Be sure to be in touch and make the most of this influence.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Legal issues should clear up for you this week. If unexpected occurrences and have left you unnerved, you’ll be getting a divine blessing regarding the justice system. In other words, the law is on your side. Not that you ever break the rules, Miss Perfect Virgo, but this surely means something to you.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

You may receive money from someone else this week, such as a bank, financial inheritance, or trust fund, if applicable. Wednesday’s new moon is time for you to reflect and repose — and to heal the hurt you have been feeling after dealing with some sort of ending. Things still are not worked out emotionally, but if you take the time to think them through this week, you are sure to come to a comforting conclusion about what needs to be done.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Now Venus enters your sector of romantic and business partnerships in the sign of Taurus. Nothing could be better for such matters. If you have wanted to partner up with someone, act now. You definitely are not in the mood to take the passive role, but be cautious, as you do not want your feelings to get hurt. Be honest and let your guard down when discussing your emotions with a loved one; that way you’ll receive the answers you seek.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Now is a great time for your health. Venus favors any surgeries or doctor’s visits. A new relationship begun on Wednesday’s new moon could blossom into something bigger by the full moon next month, but only if you make yourself available. Do not let past relationships or stale, false friendships hold you back from meeting new people who will add joy to your life.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Venus enters your house of amusement and pleasure while exalted in Taurus this week, so be prepared to rejoice. Things have not been easy lately, but now you have opportunities again. The next few weeks are a brilliant time for your romantic life — so, if you are unattached, please take advantage of this influence and mingle. Don’t expect anything but a nice time and you are sure to attract the right kind of energy. If you are looking for a proposal, the next few weeks may bring happy tidings.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

If you have been searching for an answer about a health issue, this week could be the time you get the answers you need and receive appropriate treatment. It’s an excellent time to work on your home or to buy new decorations or furniture, as Venus lends a helping hand in your sector of domesticity.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Everyday interactions with people take on a pleasant, easy ambiance as Venus enters your sector of communications. Peers and office associates will also respond to you well this week, so if you have any important or pressing news to deliver to your staff, now is the time to do so. Self-confidence will aid your eloquence. You are sure to express yourself diplomatically.

David Scoroposki is a professional astrologer working in New York City. GIF reporting by Maggie Lange.

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