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Beauty GIF: How to Get Really Shiny Hair

Using a shine spray is hardly as complicated as say, marcel-waving your entire head or pondering Justin Bieber’s career path, but there’s more to usage than spritz and repeat. Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlor and Britt Bergmeister of Next Agency star in this next round of hair GIFs to help us ready for spring and summer.

Step 1. If there’s anything I’ve learned from watching hairstylists apply product is that they use a lot of spray. Lots of it. Spray like Dolly Parton is watching you. Here, Angelo demonstrates that, like gymnastics or triple axles, spraying on product is all about height.

Spray too close to the hair and your spray can emits a sad pssst, with the mist clogging in the dispenser. Spray too far away and your mist evaporates in the air. You want to get back at least six inches and mist along the length of the hair, avoiding the roots (the hair close to your head doesn’t need shine anyway). Here, he’s using Oribe’s Light Reflecting Spray.

Step 2. Don’t forget to spray not only the top of your hair, but in between layers as well.

Step 3. Another trick to make sure that the shine spray is dispensed through the length of the hair is to spray the brush.

Step 4. Use the shine-sprayed brush to brush through the hair. Smooth hair reflects the best light and shine, and also shows off layers.

Step 5. And when in doubt, spray a little more. This time, quick sprays along the front of the hair, to smooth any flyaways.

Step Six So shiny.

Beauty GIF: How to Get Really Shiny Hair