Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Most Random Met Gala Looks

Photo: Getty Images

Maybe we say this every year, but that’s because it’s true every time: Last night’s Met Gala red carpet was an utterly random collection of getups. That’s  possibly because of this year’s more obscure and less campy theme (we’re fairly sure Rihanna did not Google “Charles James” before getting dressed), but mostly we suspect that designers and celebs alike are finally far enough removed from the hot glare of awards season to miss it, and thus they’re going to serve us whatever they’re most hungry to dish out. Last night, that made for an amazing Vegas-style buffet: glittering pantsuits, Old Hollywood glam, see-through robes, a feathered diaper, a dash of argyle, and a battle station with enough firepower to destroy an entire planet. Join us as we hand out a plethora of superlatives to the best, the worst, and the most brain-bending outfits from last night.

The Best, Worst, and Most Random Met Gala Looks