Chanel Dubai Has Everything: Hookahs, Tents, Light-Up Shoes


The Palais de Versailles. A massive park in Dallas. The world’s chicest supermarché. Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t do things halfway when choosing show venues, and today’s Chanel cruise extravaganza in Dubai may have topped them all. Guests — including Tilda Swinton, Dakota Fanning, and Janelle Monáe— were ferried to a private island, where tents, hookahs, and fake palms awaited. Oh, and the clothes, you ask? Lagerfeld went maximalist there too, showing outsize flower appliqs, crescent-moon-shaped hair jewelry, haute L.A. Gear-esque light-up shoes, and even a sequined take on the Dubai skyline. Even the runway benches were replaced with floor pillows, in true One Thousand and One Nights fashion. Check out the slideshow below for a primer.

Chanel Dubai: Hookahs, Tents, Light-Up Shoes