Dior Cruise Debuts Double-Decker Eyeliner and Peter Philips

Photo: JP Yim/2014 Getty Images

The Dior cruise show, which took place last night, represented a number of firsts: It was the first time the show was held in Brooklyn, the first time (probably) a water taxi was branded with the word Dior — and the first time that Peter Philips, Dior’s new image and creative director (he was formerly at Chanel), was on-hand backstage. His first look was a double-decker eyeliner, with an upper lash line that was straight across and slightly winged, while the bottom lash’s line started midway through. The gap between the two lines created an architectural, space-edged eye. Girls were also given false eyelashes as needed. We’ll miss Pat McGrath at Dior, but this is a great inaugural voyage for Philips. Ahoy, matey, welcome on board.

Dior Cruise Beauty: Double-Decker Eyeliner