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Facebook’s New Relationship Option: An Invitation to Nosiness

Do you see no reason why you should tell Facebook about your love business? Do you keep the mysteries of your heart a mystery from your social network? Do you feel that Facebook’s relationship status options can’t correctly encompass exactly how complicated and subtle your loving is? Well, guess what, you’re about to get the freckles pestered off your face.

Now there is an inquisitive new feature that appears alongside blank relationship statuses. It’s an “Ask” button. If pressed, it will send this taciturn Facebook enigma a reminder that they are a taciturn Facebook enigma. The button prompts: “Hello! I am wondering about your relationship!”

Hello! I’m writing to let you know this is not an optional data entry. This is the Facebook service that inspired Mark Zuckerberg to press publish on the whole ordeal and then take a sitting nap, according to historian Aaron Sorkin. What exempts you? What unknowable amorous situation is slogging away in your secret heart? It’s a multiple-choice query, so it won’t take too many moments away from your undisclosed romantic pastimes. So looking forward to hearing from you. 

Facebook’s New Relationship Button Lets You Ask