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The Fractured Hashtags of Kimye Wedding Guests

Photo: kimkardashian/Instagram

When one has invited the world to experience one’s nuptials, one must uphold the highest organizational standards. One cannot simply announce an event without also guiding one’s fellow revelers (albeit faraway fellow revelers) to the scene.

Therefore it is of the utmost concern to encounter a tagging procedure as disorganized as the one currently in use for the impending wedding of Ms. Kim Kardashian to Mr. Kanye West. It is a sloppy hashtag bonanza.

Beginning with the bachelorette festivities, it was evident that any central focus had been forgotten. The bride, for example, has suggested #parisnights, #bae’sinparis, or #lastsupper.

Her family did not follow her lead. The mother of the bride — a position that should radiate the steadiness and elegance of a temple pillar–has employed an assortment of different themes. In just two days, she has written: #herecomesthebride, #midnightinparis, #wheninfrance, #kanyeheartskim, #nightsinparis. One of the bride’s sisters has opted for #inparis and #frogslegs.

Guests have named the commitment ceremony #projectwifey (Lala and Joy Cebonelli). Cebonelli also threw in #wifey, as if she intended to further the chaos. Other attendees (Scotty Cunha, Rob Scheppy) are writing #parih. The ghastliness of this choice cannot be overstated, but politesse shall reign even here.

In summation, the lack of social media enforcement at this wedding is an unforeseen disgrace. If we cannot count on a consistent hashtag at the Kimye “#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple” wedding, where can we expect one?

The Fractured Hashtags of Kimye Wedding Guests