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Fragrant Friday: Francis Kurkdjian Perfumed Bubbles

Sure, you could be the person who carries a giant, fragile bottle of fragrance around in your bag. Or you could be the fun, unexpected one who shows up a party wielding scented bubbles. With full-bodied fragrances, scented bubbles are the whimsical-yet-sophisticated creation of master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the mind behind many of the best-selling perfumes of the last decade (including Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Carven, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.) His olfactory sense is of such high demand that his nose is practically insured. His bubbles come in four scents: The floral, fresh Violet, crisp Mint, invigorating Herb, and green Pear. A little excessive, but charming, they’re just the kind of thing that Holly Golightly would place around a cocktail party to keep her guests entertained.

Fragrant Friday: Francis Kurkdjian Bubbles