Fug Girls: The Fashion Highlights and Lowlights From Cannes

Photo: Getty Images

Awards season gets a lot of column inches, but when it comes to Major Fashion Moments — capital letters required — the Cannes Film Festival is unparalleled. It’s a two-week Canneslaught of red carpets, photo-calls, and galas, and Hollywood brings it in the form of big skirts, big hits, and big thigh-slits. In the spirit of positivity and love we have all been whipped into following True Love’s Fulfillment (a.k.a., the Kimye Wedding), this slideshow is dedicated to the myriad of ways this year’s film festival underscored the one thing we know to be true: Cannes is simply the best. And yes, that includes saying something nice about Justin Bieber.

Fug Girls: Highlights and Lowlights From Cannes